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"Joining the Early Chamber of Commerce means making a step for the good of your business.  When you join the Chamber, you are making a commitment to your own success. "


To succeed in business it takes dedication, determination, and a willingness to seek opportunity around every corner.  It means expanding your circles of influence and quenching your thirst for knowledge and growth by adhering to a practice of continual improvement.


At the Early Chamber, our goal is simple...We want to help you succeed.  We want to support you as you take action in ways that translate your hopes and dreams into reality.


You are an important part of the ongoing creation of business success in Early and Brown County.  Your insights and ideas are needed to build upon that which we have already achieved.  Without people like you, the Early Chamber would not be what it is today - a thriving community of business professionals, friends and associates here to help one another.

Why should you be a member?
  • The Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit of Early and provides useful and constructive channels to member businesses.
  • You have a business at stake in the community which can best be safeguarded by working with others  to protect and advance all businesses.
  • Your support is put back into the community to benefit new industry, increased payroll, health care, safety, legislation, business protection and community advancement
  • To provide the chamber a way to carry out its work load of providing quality and personal service and financial support to all our members and the community as a whole
  • Through the chamber's help, you can give something back to the community in which you live and earn your living
  • An active membership carries with it the sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction from the knowledge of sharing important work within the community.


Category A - General Membership

Number of Employees       Rate Schedule

  • 1-10                                 $135
  • 11-20                               $165
  • 21-30                               $200
  • 31-40                               $230
  • 41-50                               $265
  • 51 plus                            $330


Category B – Financial Institutions

Banks, Savings and Loans, Credit Unions

$135 base plus $10 per million dollars of deposits up to $665


Category C – Civic Clubs / Non-Profits

$65 for each organization


Category D – Individual Member

No person is eligible for membership in this classification if they are qualified in any other class.

$65 for each Individual Member


Category E – Associate Member

Retired and in no way employed in a gainful occupation

$40 for each Associate Member


 Click Here For The Online Membership Form

Membership begins immediately upon returning your application by mail, or online, and with payment for the first year’s investment.  Membership is also continuous unless cancelled by Board of Directors for cause as specified in the by-laws or until written resignation is submitted to the Board of Directors.

Benefits of becoming a member
  • Consumers have trust in the Chamber of Commerce and it's member
  • Utilization of the Chamber's name and logo on letterhead and advertising
  • Provides a sense of community
  • Opportunities to work with other businesses that value community
  • Participation in improving the economy and business climate of the area
  • Sponsorship opportunities which provide valuable exposure
  • Networking opportunities with other members with similar goals, idea and unified in purpose to give strength to the community
  • Participation in community development through Chamber committees, programs and events
  • Joining with other business people in solving common problems and meeting joint needs
  • Forum to voice legislative concerns to local and state representatives
  • FREE link on the chamber's website
  • Member-Only Referrals
  • Discounts to Training Seminars & Workshops
  • Membership labels for mailings
  • Publications/newsletter & updates
  • One-Year subscription to Inc. Magazine, valued at $10* (*This subscription is refundable for its stated value. Please see the corresponding offer card in your welcome member kit for more details.)


Value of being a member


Investment in the Early Chamber of Commerce returns a big dividend directly to you through membership services, community programs, exposure to new markets and fellow business people.


As a part of the big picture, member volunteers share in the publicity of getting things done for Early and Brown County, helping in an important way to create a better business climate and higher quality of living.


Quality of life in Early is of primary importance.  Whatever the scope of involvement or type of activity, remember that "things don't just happen."  Progress is made through the efforts of many people working together through an avenue known as the Chamber of Commerce.


We certainly understand the limits on your time, especially in an era of uncertain markets and budget controls.  However, through volunteer involvment, the Chamber represents the voice of the business and professional community and conveys its messages.


As a member of this team of community leaders, YOU hold the key to making things happen.  Your ideas, your input and actions translate into results.  You are the Chamber, working to make Early a better place to live and work.


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